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About Us

Our Vision

Have you ever known a child in need? Not a child faced solely with financial hardship, but one who, even though they possess the potential to succeed, just cannot seem to make the right choices socially and academically, always falling short of the mark. Just imagine if there was a program that effectively addressed the problem and empowered youth to become positive citizens, giving them not only the tools that they need to survive but the desire to succeed. While you may think that the program above is only a pipe dream, think again!

Our Business

We are proud that our program has been successfully operating for over a decade in Greenville, South Carolina. Prior to establishing our presence in the Upstate, we were blessed to be able to work with youth in various capacities in Long Island, New York. Our program is designed to target academic improvement, self-esteem development, and team building skills.  We strongly believe that these practices greatly impact and lesson the factors that put today's youth at-risk   by teaching them to navigate through the challenges of their teen years, teaching them skills that help them successfully navigate through the tumultuous teen years, and helping them learn how to feel better about themselves.

Our program is small and family run.  It enables us to maintain low staff/child ratios and develop effective relationships that are based on trust.

MrD & MrsD

Our Goals

To empower each program   participant to recognize and achieve their goals.

To provide services that promote healthy living.

To build character and create improved self-esteem

We are dedicated to serving our customer's needs, and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We strive to bring you the best in quality service.

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